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"I absolutely love The Speaking House™...It's fantastic for me." -- Cynthia, Phoenix AZ.


"Realtors love it! It's easy to use...Speaking House™ is a great sales tool!" Bob, Surprise AZ


"Speaking House gives me big in-roads getting me more business!" Ken, Mesa, AZ.


"We have more info to talk about. Plus, we are averaging 75-100 calls per week from the signs." Jason, Scottsdale AZ.


"I like the way that The Speaking House™ captures the caller's name and number. It saves me time and I get qualified leads. The service has been excellent!" Elizabeth, Fountain Hills AZ.


"I'm getting a lot of great leads from the Speaking House™." Jay, Gilbert AZ.


"The system pays for itself, we average at least two a month with Speaking House™." David, Scottsdale, AZ.


"Speaking House™. It's real efficient, easy to use, and is an effective marketing tool.! Tom, Scottsdale, AZ.


866-731-INFO™ - Automated Lead Generation, Free Recorded Information, Marketing Hotline, Call Capture, Marketing Enhancement and Relationship building Tool for Real Estate Agents and sales professionals.

Call Capture captures the name and number of callers.
Automatically build a LEGAL lead list / lead database.
Email Notification sends details of a call immediately.
Advertising Tracking tracks marketing campaigns.
Fax-On-Demand callers can get a brochure via fax.
Cost Effective service pays for itself.
No Cold Calling required.

866-731-INFO™ provides home shoppers with additional recorded info on a listing that they want, when they want it, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Real Estate Pros know that home buyers have a limited shelf life. To be successful in today's marketplace it's imperative to use tools that can identify who home shoppers are before they make a purchase or lose interest.

866-731-INFO™ Additional Recorded Information sign rider will help real estate listings to generate dozens more leads then an ineffective flyer box or tube.

Automatic email notification sends the Caller ID Name and Number information directly to an email or multiple email addresses instantly - no am radio transceiver is going to be able to do that! These hot sales leads mean there is no cold calling. 

866-731-INFO™ call capture response hotline also actively builds a real-time database of real estate leads every time a home shopper calls.

When additional free recorded information is available on printed marketing materials or advertisements the ad becomes more effective.  Plus the system will track the advertising effectiveness for up to 10 different ad campaigns per code so you can accurately measure your success.

Real Estate Agents can utilize 866-731-INFO™ as a selling tool when talking with potential listing clients to help win the listing!  Our high tech marketing kit makes low tech yard signs flyer box combos obsolete!

Overall 866-731-INFO™ offers greater exposure and more customers delivering money making leads 24/7.  These leads can turn into big sales!

866-731-INFO™ provides its subscribers the toll free  "866-731-INFO" telephone number that is displayed on a sign rider or in a print ad for shoppers to call.  Home shoppers wanting more information on a property will call the recorded information hotline and be prompted to enter the code (shown on the sign or ad).  Our system will immediately play your pre-recorded message. Callers may transfer directly to you by pressing 1 or can choose to receive a "Fax-on-demand Flyer" by pressing 3. Even if callers don't transfer to you our service will capture (call capture) the Caller ID Name and Number, as well as, other details of the call, automatically.  Seconds later you will receive an email notification with the details from that call. Plus, our system never sleeps - we're working for you 24/7!

Nationwide 1-866-731-INFO

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